About Us

LIVE ONLINE RETAIL (LOR) is becoming the accepted norm in online platform trading where customers can experience the same sales service as they would going to visit showrooms. The type of engagement offered by LOR is warm and resonates with customers.

Customers are able to engage with a real person rather than bots at any time and from anywhere, through the respective trading platforms’ mobile apps. All queries and questions are answered during their live engagement, which enhances the online buying experience.

We at LOR Technologies (Pty) Ltd wanted to create a mechanism that will treat buyers the same in the digital world as what you would treat any buyer in the physical world.

“The challenge for today’s retail businesses is how one can use simple technology to solve real business problems of; namely how to make the treatment of buyers the same in digital retail environments as it is in physical retail environments (online/offline). Buyers demand convenient and efficient seller engagements and the human touch of buyer seller direct engagement is still the 101 of sales as it has been since time immemorial.”

LOR developed with a US and SA Patent issued and a European patent application in submission, is able to address and deliver to the aforementioned challenge.

LOR as the name suggest is live, and tracks the movements of buyers browsing “stock” in the online showroom at that very moment. Every movement reflected via the stats dashboard is a real person looking at a stock item, and it’s instant! LOR ensures that a representative is able to engage live with buyers, by announcing that they are there to assist, when the buyer is browsing online.

LOR engages the buyer before they submit a lead or fill in any forms, so sellers can prompt or influence the sales discussion before the buying decision is made. Imagine standing in a store and you have to wait for a sales person to assist you, the situation is frustrating - that is a standard online chat / bot vs. the actual salesperson immediately engaging with you before you have to look around for help which is LOR. With LOR there is no waiting periods or queues, the engagement is instant and at the same time the buyer has no obligation to provide any personal information unless they are ready to do so. Most standard online chat solutions require an upfront registration of sorts whereas with LOR the buyer can remain anonymous throughout the process or until they choose to disclose any name or contact details.

Online shopping is a 24/7 event and an instant response from an actual sales person with knowledge on the product ensures a quick conversion - LOR will even extend the retail hours of your business without the expensive overheads because it’s mobile! When the customer is engaging online a representative can sell/engage wherever they are, and at any time which suits the customer.

“LOR is a simple yet effective tech offering that helps to optimize (relevant and timeous) communication between buyers and sellers in online retail environments.”

LOR is a Level Four (100% B-BBEE procurement recognition level) company.